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Google SEO Mastermind 12 Hour SEO Marathon of Edits and Audits

Need some help with your SEO? Facing some technical errors, or need help fixing headings? Maybe you don’t know what to do next!

Schieler Mew from Google SEO Mastermind will be preforming a 12 hour marathon of SEO audits and edits on your websites to celebrate hitting 20,000 users in the Google SEO Mastermind group!


  • Must be a WordPress Website
  • Must be an English Website
  • Must be practical edits or help

Note: Please fill out the information below. If you are just looking for audit help and not on-site edits, leave my username and password blank! 

In addition, the more information you leave me about your website, the better I can help to assist! Please be explicit as possible in what you hope to accomplish!